Jul 23, 2014

Truth Mashup Canada 07 23 14


This week on the show we dive into Canada's response to the war in Gaza, then we run down the latest on Harper's Senate Scandal, plus a fake shark helps usher in the Douchebags of the Week. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Canada.

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Jul 22, 2014

Truth Mashup America 07.22.14


It's an all new podcast for our American friends.
Introducing Truth Mashup America! Rounding up the most ridiculous and important American news. hosted by two progressive Canadians looking down at you every week (geographically speaking).

This week we crack open the history books and revisit the 1979 Malaise speech from Jimmy Carter and show you how perhaps it wasn't such a "Malaise" after all. The definining speech of the Carter era is still sadly relevant in 2014, listen to find out how history has failed us. Speaking of books, we enter an all new chapter in the Book of Asshattery and this one is high art from Arizona. Then on 'Sup Murica we introduce you to the world's dumbest taco bandit and the best Sheriff to ever catch your 12 year old. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup America!

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Jul 18, 2014

07.17.14 Truth Mashup Radio


This week the guys start a new tradition by doing their podcast out of the #tmash YouTube studio! From now on the show will be uploaded on Monday, so this is the last Thursday Truth Mashup podcast. But good news, there will be two more podcasts on the way! The last two weeks we've given you Truth Mashup America and Truth Mashup Canada, but soon you'll have three shows to listen to. And you can watch us live every Sunday on YouTube. This week on the show we're talking America and terrorism, Todd Akin's book deal, climate change deniers and the secret TPP talks in Ottawa - all that plus find out who the Douchebags of the week are and more. 

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Jul 9, 2014

07.11.14: Truth Mashup Radio


This week on Truth Mashup Radio we're talking the Toronto Star's exclusive Rehab story - did it go too far? Let's just say Vince and Dan don't see eye to eye on it. Harper's secret TPP talks? Conspiracy theorists start your engines because apparently we must be kept in the dark. The guys will run down what it means for Canada and some reasons Harper and company would rather keep it secret. Did Ontario save Bees? Ontario joins the EU in the fight against a neonics. The Prince of Pot is set to receive a royal welcome as he returns home from prison - we talk about the newly pro-pot world Marc Emery is coming back to. The long wait for victims of a Halifax orphanage is over as a judge rules on a 29 million dollar payout - but why have so few Canadians heard about this? And Tony Abbott's Conservative immigration policies are getting a bit scary - is Australia losing it's reputation at the U.N.? And does it care? All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Radio! 

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Jul 2, 2014

07.03.14 Truth Mashup Canada


This week on the show: Climate Change gave us the hottest May on record, but our government is giving us record breaking oil subsidies at the cost to the Canadian citizen of 34 Billion dollars a year. We'll break down the numbers from the Tyee. The Unions win big as Wal-Mart loses a huge court battle in Quebec, we'll break down the decision and show you why their CEO thinks Wal-Mart's greed is just an "american problem". Do you believe in a public broadcaster? Dan makes his case for why we need a strong CBC now more than ever. Should Jesus come between you and your birth control pill? A Calgary doctor thinks so and so do Alberta laws. All that - plus we bring one of the douchiest Douchebag of the Week segments ever. Listen to an all new Truth Mashup Radio 

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Jun 25, 2014

06.25.14 - Truth Mashup America


This week Dan and Vince bust open the Reagan years and take on everything from Voodoo economics to how the Republicans handled the AIDS crisis. If you were born during or after the 80's you may not believe your ears. Elizabeth Warren points out that having a healthy middle class isn't magic, we'll explain how she's right and the 1980's report that told us trickle down economics doesn't work - yet why are they still running elections on it? Plus, we take a look at our old friend Bill O'Reilly and see how his boycott of Mexico is going and Mike Huckabee and his homophobic homies didn't exactly need much crowd control help at their failed rally for idiocy. All that and more as Truth Mashup America hits the air.

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Jun 19, 2014

Truth Mashup Live 06.19.14

This week for those of our Canadian podcast listeners who haven't checked out our live YouTube show yet, we're making it a little easier. Every week on YouTube we run down North America's most important/ridiculous news mixed in with some lulz. This week we're bringing you the Canadian part of the show. Every Sunday at 830PM EST we kick it off with Truth Mashup America!. Head over to Truth Mashup's website where you can watch us live and you can even join in the chat and shape the show.

On today's episode we're talking Ford family failing upwards? Can Doug and Rob continue their streak of failing upwards into public office? Stephen Harper's fight for internet surveillance. We track the course from pedos to bullying and why we're not surprised they're ignoring the Supreme Court. Do you ever get the feeling that marketing has trumped reality? We'll show you how Canada is treating its war heroes and why it's probably better to be the actor in the commercial. Plus, more Ontario Election hangover thoughts and Dan can't quite believe how Canada treats our homeless.

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Jun 13, 2014

Ontario Votes Kinda… Truth Mashup Watches Election Night


The Truth Mashup team decided to sit down, have some drinks and turn on our microphones while we watched the election results come in for the 2014 Ontario Election Debate. Expect snark, disagreement and general disgust during a shocking election result here in Ontario. We'll talk polling failure to why it's never fun to be Tim Hudak. Join Dan, Vince and Rebecca for the most awkward drinking game going - the Ontario election!

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Jun 5, 2014

Ontario Election Special: Ontario Declines


Is Kathleen Wynne corrupt, is Andrea Horwath really progressive and why can't Tim Hudak count? Yes, it's an election campaign so painful, it even has Steve Paikin reminding you about declining your ballot. Dan and Vince bring you #ONVotes coverage from Hudak Math to the marketing of debate night - we'll cover all the bases. Sit back and enjoy "Mock the Vote Ontario Declines" this week on Truth Mashup Radio. 

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May 28, 2014

TYT Network’s Cenk Uygur In Conversation


One year ago, Truth Mashup broadcast it's first live stream as the Canadian show on The Young Turks Network. This week on Truth Mashup Cenk Uygur sits down with Dan to talk politics, media and more. Listen as they discuss the similarities of American and Canadian Politics, the issues with cable news, new media and net neutrality and the future of the largest news and politics network on YouTube. All that plus a little chat on Rob Ford because hey "when in Toronto..."

Enjoy the Show!

Love the podcast, but want watch the full interview? Head over to our YouTube Channel or check out the website!

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