May 7, 2015

05.07.15 Truth Mashup Canada


This week we're talking creator culture from YouTube to T.O. Webfest, why independent culture in Canada matters from an insider's biased perspective. And then the story everyone is talking about the NDP's orange wave strikes again - we'll give you our thoughts on the election and what it means about our system and our fall election. And finally Dan and Vince completely lose it on the Ontario parents who don't understand what year we're in. All that and more on this week's Truth Mashup Canada!

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Apr 27, 2015

Truth Mashup Canada 04.27.15


This week we discuss Joe Oliver's new shoes...and the budget that goes with it.  Dan and Vince are finally interested in the Duffy trial thanks to Enbridge. And we ask the question, "we are six months out of a federal election, so is it too early to buy into polls on who is leading the race right now?" We answer this and many other questions that you probably, sorta, kinda, maybe care about. Truth Mashup Radio starts now...or whenever you click on the play button.
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Apr 19, 2015

Truth Mashup Canada 04.19.15


This week on the show we go in depth on the topics from our YouTube Channel - From Jian and the CBC, to Justin and Tom and why they just can't get along, we'll give some thoughts on the whole Canadian mess. Plus why is Kathleen Wynne doing the conservative thing? How "liberal" became just an awkward brand. Remember the Conservative "Hidden Agenda"? Well that's officially at satirical proportions, listen to the ridiculous story of why a slogan's origins will be hidden for twenty years. Then Canada's environment is being left up to the provinces, but the Harper Conservatives have no trouble boasting about the results. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Canada.

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Apr 9, 2015

04.09.15 Canada’s Truth Mashup


This week's Truth Mashup Radio dives into the Duffy trial, mocks Eve Adams, checks in to see if Pierre Poilievre is still a douchebag and explores the Trailer Park Boys rant against the NS conservatives. All that and we try and kickstart a cough button, so listen now!

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Apr 2, 2015

Canada’s Truth Mashup 04.02.15


We're back with another episode of Canada's Truth Mashup! This week on the show we're swapping Future Shop stories, asking why Canadian politics is becoming a really crappy Kickstarter campaign, talking Jesus with James Lunney and wondering if a secret drone location in British Columbia may be the start of Canadian Skynet. All that and more this week on Canada's underground politics podcast.

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Apr 2, 2015

Noah’s Snark: Trevor’s Daily Show Problem


Truth Mashup wants you to join them on Periscope! The guys went live on Periscope for a special episode of Truth Mashup to talk the Daily Show Controversy. Listen to Dan and Producer Vince give their thoughts on Trevor Noah as host, his tweets and the comedy community meltdown that followed. Is it just clickbait? Should comedians be left alone? Or is this all part of the gig in 2015? Sit back and listen to a conversation on comedy in 2015.  

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Mar 15, 2015

03.15.15 Truth Mashup Canada


This week on Truth Mashup Canada - we all know the Harper security agenda, but what are the Liberals doing? We're talking #StopC51 and why the Trudeau strategy enters us into a new era of #cdnpoli absurdity. Also on the show revisiting "LilSecrett" - why the Windsor webcam model story gives us a lot to think about in the social media era.

Last weekend Conservatives all across Canada got together to compare ridiculous quotes, we'll read you some and explain what happened at #MNC2015!

Have you heard? Vancouver loves to cuddle... a lot. The new industry of cuddling from apps to parties - Dan and Vince discuss the humanity behind the cuddling craze.

Plus, can Kevin Bacon save an Alberta town? And the story of the ghost snowmobile that has Canadian tv series written all over it.

All that and we explain what's going on with our YouTube channel, this week on Truth Mashup Canada!

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Mar 6, 2015

Truth Mashup Canada 03.06.2015


This week on the show we see what Windsor is doing to bring people back to the library, we're saving our pennies for Rob Ford's e-bay auction, we're talking more C-51 and we dive deep into the Ontario Sex-Ed bill that just might have your children learning something before Google teaches it to them. Plus we'll tell you why the government says you shouldn't be Spocking. All that plus a special tribute to an amazing guy, who we were lucky enough to have as the voice of Truth Mashup Radio.

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Feb 20, 2015

02.20.15 Canada’s Truth Mashup


This week on Truth Mashup we talk the new Conservative definition of "Terrorism" as well we talk about the Halifax plot and it's 2015 election implications. Does CBC Radio hate conservative values? How Stephen Harper is trying to paint Quebec with a new blue brush. Does Justin Trudeau have the Conservative book of secrets, we'll talk the floor crossing heard round the twittersphere - but will the electorate really care? The problems with modern democracy when it's winner-take-all. And it's an Animal House of Commons when a Conservative MP says the NDP has a "radical animal rights agenda" but is it all that radical? We ask why is there never a middleground on this polarizing issue. All that and more, this week on Truth Mashup Canada.

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Feb 19, 2015

02.19.15 - Truth Mashup America


This week on Truth Mashup - Jeb Bush is running and he's going to be great for comedy. The guys talk 6 gaffes he's already made on Foreign Policy. Meanwhile on Cable News, the networks are going full Holy War - the McLuhan War intensifies with media messaging galore. Dan and Vince break down the most ridiculous cable news segments and why America needs a wider lense, when it comes to fighting ISIS. Are you childless and feeling guilty, well then the Pope is happy, yes Truth Mashup talks Papal advice. And finally it seems old media is all of a sudden really concerned about Millennials and marriage, Dan and Vince laugh about the super late eureka moment and what Millennial marriage should actually be concerned about. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup America!

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