Dec 11, 2015

The Uber Mirage (How Uber Bought Our Love)


Think you know who you side with in the battle between taxi and Uber? On today's Truth Mashup we're talking Uber and we're betting there's a lot you don't know! Did they really raise the prices during a hostage crisis? How is Obama involved? And are they really outlobbying Wal-Mart, Facebook and Pfizer? The world's most powerful are behind the taxi killer - but should we let them win? Listen and decide for yourself.

Hey everyone, after a long hiatus we're back with our podcast. In 2016 expect shorter more essay focused episodes of Truth Mashup and of course if you have questions for Dan or Vince just find us on twitter - @DanSpeerin and @TruthMashup and we'll record answers and throw them into a podcast. And please consider supporting Truth Mashup on Patreon as we return for more content in 2016!


Oct 18, 2015

Dan’s Rant On The Millennial Vote


Share Dan's rant on why our media really doesn't understand "the youth vote"

In 2008 we did our first online youth election special with Myspace featuring Jack Layton among others, tomorrow we'll be doing it on twitter with The Young Turks Network. No matter the platform, I feel with politics, we're all in this together no matter what your age is. But sadly the narratives in our media about my generation continue to be just plain out of touch and ridiculous. Though I appreciate what others may be trying to do with "the youth vote" every four years, they're missing the point. I once devoted an entire television series to these issues - and though now I'm more interested in broader themes, the way this gets covered every election keeps bringing me back to rant. Take a listen! ‪#‎elxn42‬ ‪#‎cdnpoli‬


Jun 29, 2015

06.29.15 Truth Mashup Canada


This week on the show, Dean Del Mastro heads to jail, Harper picks anti-gay judges, the NDP scares the hell out of Alberta, Dan asks Vince why he thinks Trudeau has no platform, Wall Street gamblers are betting against Canada's housing market and we tell you why Harper PAC showed us just how broken our democracy is. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Canada.


Jun 14, 2015

06.14.15 Truth Mashup Canada


This week we take on the media elite with the Evan Solomon scandal, give you a recap of that time our parliament argued who was the least racist, rundown Justin Trudeau's chat with activists over Bill C-51 while Rona Ambrose goes full Maude Flanders. All that and a whole lot more. Join us for a brand new Truth Mashup Canada.


May 30, 2015

05.30.15 Truth Mashup Canada


This week we explain our recent absence due to our T.O. WebFest commitments, and why building a web content creator community is important. While we were away, Patrick Brown became the new leader of the Ontario PC. Since Dan is from Barrie, we discuss in detail Patrick Brown's win, his track record, and the chances of him appearing at Barrie's Pride Parade in June. Also, a town in Alberta has eliminated homelessness. The "how" of it will not shock you. This and more on this week's Truth Mashup Canada. 

May 7, 2015

05.07.15 Truth Mashup Canada


This week we're talking creator culture from YouTube to T.O. Webfest, why independent culture in Canada matters from an insider's biased perspective. And then the story everyone is talking about the NDP's orange wave strikes again - we'll give you our thoughts on the election and what it means about our system and our fall election. And finally Dan and Vince completely lose it on the Ontario parents who don't understand what year we're in. All that and more on this week's Truth Mashup Canada!


Apr 27, 2015

Truth Mashup Canada 04.27.15


This week we discuss Joe Oliver's new shoes...and the budget that goes with it.  Dan and Vince are finally interested in the Duffy trial thanks to Enbridge. And we ask the question, "we are six months out of a federal election, so is it too early to buy into polls on who is leading the race right now?" We answer this and many other questions that you probably, sorta, kinda, maybe care about. Truth Mashup Radio starts now...or whenever you click on the play button.

Apr 19, 2015

Truth Mashup Canada 04.19.15


This week on the show we go in depth on the topics from our YouTube Channel - From Jian and the CBC, to Justin and Tom and why they just can't get along, we'll give some thoughts on the whole Canadian mess. Plus why is Kathleen Wynne doing the conservative thing? How "liberal" became just an awkward brand. Remember the Conservative "Hidden Agenda"? Well that's officially at satirical proportions, listen to the ridiculous story of why a slogan's origins will be hidden for twenty years. Then Canada's environment is being left up to the provinces, but the Harper Conservatives have no trouble boasting about the results. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Canada.


Apr 9, 2015

04.09.15 Canada’s Truth Mashup


This week's Truth Mashup Radio dives into the Duffy trial, mocks Eve Adams, checks in to see if Pierre Poilievre is still a douchebag and explores the Trailer Park Boys rant against the NS conservatives. All that and we try and kickstart a cough button, so listen now!


Apr 2, 2015

Canada’s Truth Mashup 04.02.15


We're back with another episode of Canada's Truth Mashup! This week on the show we're swapping Future Shop stories, asking why Canadian politics is becoming a really crappy Kickstarter campaign, talking Jesus with James Lunney and wondering if a secret drone location in British Columbia may be the start of Canadian Skynet. All that and more this week on Canada's underground politics podcast.


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