Sep 25, 2014

09/28/14 Truth Mashup America


On this week's Truth Mashup America we talk about the anti-Islamic ads in New York. Bryan Fischer tells us flooding and therefore global warming is not an issue, because god said so. Glenn Beck doesn't want you to take vaccines because...Ebola. Fox News blames Obama for playing the race card again, this time by taking away America's guns. And Ted Cruz is using fear to fund his campaign, and Truth Mashup apologizes to America for giving them Ted Cruz.
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Sep 11, 2014

Truth Mashup America 09 10 14

Join us this week as we talk Obama and Cable News ISIS Hype, Racist cops, we revisit #GamerGate and take your questions and we even drop by to visit Crazy Uncle Pat. An all new Truth Mashup Radio starts now!

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Sep 5, 2014

The Internet Tea Party: #GamerGate #TheFappening


This week Dan and Vince do a special podcast on the past two weeks of internet stupidity. Sick of misogyny and sexism dressed up as some sort of "critique"? Think that some gamers are sounding more and more like the NRA after a school shooting? Just plain tired of asshattery in your YouTube comments pretending to be "free speech". Well you'll enjoy this episode then. We're taking on the scared boys of small town internet as we talk the "Fappening" and #GamerGate this week on Truth Mashup Radio.  

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Aug 29, 2014

08/29/14 Truth Mashup America


This week on Truth Mashup America we revisit Ferguson as we take down the awful coverage of the event by Fox News using the set up of one simple comedy trope throughout the ages that so quickly exposes the racial divide in America. We also takes a look at Georgia and its law that allows parents to bring guns to school when picking up and dropping off kids. Pat Robertson graduates from the Book of Asshattery to his own segment that still will be all about asshattery. And Bryan Fischer's homophobia reaches new heights as he takes on Burger King's rainbow colored burger wrapper.

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Aug 21, 2014

08/21/14 Truth Mashup Canada


This week on the show we give you a rundown of how the Fraser Institute gets their message out, even when their message isn't back in facts. Then do you think Michael Sona acted alone? Dan and Vince talk the Robocalls verdict. Stats Canada was only off by about 42,000 jobs in its July jobs report, why you should still be concerned. And CP rail taking out their garden claw makes this week's Douchebag of the Week. All that plus your tweets and more this week on Truth Mashup Canada.

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Aug 19, 2014

08/18/14 Truth Mashup America


This week on Truth Mashup America our eyes turn to the tragedy in Ferguson and to the larger problem of criminalizing dissent. We take on the issue of the militarization of the police. LA has come up with possibly the worst idea in history to help voter turnout. Would you come out to vote if you could get rich from it? Plus Steve King decides to talk about racial profiling and makes the Book of Asshattery while this week's S'up Murica lands us in a Wal-Mart for four days. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup America! 

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Aug 16, 2014

Truth Mashup Radio: When All Else Fails, Blame Obama!


This week on a late night Truth Mashup Radio, we talk about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback once again as he explains the reason behind his downfall. ISIS too nutty for Al-Qaeda? We rate the sketchiness factor of the sketchfactor app. Know what #Griesafault is? Well, when you do, you'll cry for Argentina. And we also get lost in a filter bubble discussion much like this episode.

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Aug 8, 2014

Truth Mashup Radio: The Conversation Nobody Wants To Have

This week on the show we do our best to have the conversation nobody wants to have - the crisis in the middle east. Join us as we attempt to cover as many sides to the conflict as we can from a North American perspective. From politics to religion, we discuss the various opinions on the crisis and offer some of our own. Though we only scratch the surface, we hope you'll give us your own thoughts on the matter and why you feel that way. Please feel free to send us your thoughts on social media or by visiting This issue is never easy to talk about, but our show has always been about taking on all issues, no matter how complex.  So, we hope you'll take a listen and join the conversation.

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Aug 3, 2014

Truth Mashup Radio 08.03.14


Time for Truth Mashup America. Dan Speerin rounds up the most ridiculous and important American news. This week we take a look at the quagmire that is the death penalty. America, you're in a group of select countries that you would otherwise not want to be a part of. Also what ethnicity still believes in the death penalty? The answer will shock you. Well, not really. We also explore the link between for-profit colleges and wall street. On the lighter side, Wal-mart ice cream sandwiches are not melting after 3 days out in the sun, but the FDA sees no problem with that. And much much more.   

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Jul 31, 2014

Truth Mashup Radio 07.31.14


This week on a late night Truth Mashup Radio we're talking YouTube life and how old media starved the YouTube generation. Soo who's up for Prayer Stations? Yes, prayer stations. Then we ask how aggressives Unions should get in the fight over minimum wage? We'll discuss the battle to raise the minimum wage and the optics of an occupied McDonalds. What's it like to be a worker in 2014? We'll take an in depth look at a NYT article on part time workers in today's work force. We'll share our own experiences and talk about solutions. And finally is their a need for "Meet The Press" any more? Dan and Vince argue over media, truth and online journalism. Like Flowers on the Grave of Journalism - This is Truth Mashup.

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