Apr 17, 2014

95: Building the New Union Movement


This week on Truth Mashup Radio we bring you the first episode of our new interview series. To kick it off, we brought back a favourite guest from our old tv series, Nora Loreto. The last time we sat down with Nora for an interview was 2008 on "The What Is" a talk series on the issues of Millennials Back then Nora was representing the Canadian Federation of Students. That segment took on student debt head on, but apparently the opinions were a bit ahead of the mainstream media. Now that the mainstream press has finally agreed that perhaps Millennials aren't all extras from the set of GIRLS, we thought we'd have Nora back to talk about the modern struggle for Millennials - the workforce.

Nora has a new book out on the modern Union movement called "From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement" that tackles the stuggles of Unions in 2014. Dan sat down with Nora live on YouTube recently to debunk anti-union myths, fact check government spin and to hold Unions accountable for their own failures.

Whether you're about to retire or about to join the workforce, this interview will make you question what you think you know about Unions and hopefully make you think about the future of your own workplace.

"Nora Loreto refreshes the indispensable union movement for the younger generation of Canadians rendered defenseless by avaricious and cruel corporate globalization. Read it and take the reins of your future in new and forceful directions for worker justice."

—Ralph Nader

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Apr 10, 2014

94: The Invisible Enemy


This week on the show we take a look at the political strategy that is "the invisible enemy". Is it finally backfiring?

From Ford Nation's Easter Egg problem to why Dan thinks Canada is reading too much into the Quebec Election, we talk about the common thread in Canadian politics - running on nothing.

Then it's more trolling from the Conservatives with the Fair Elections Act and you won't believe the loophole in the FDA's rules. Mmm Poison Flakes!

All that and Europe's new thoughts on privacy that will make the NSA and Facebook stand up and take notice. Truth Mashup Radio starts now! 

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Apr 2, 2014

93: The Democracy F-Bomb


Hey Guys! We're officially a selection of TOWebFest - so thanks for supporting the show and making it so fun to do every week! 

This week on the show we're talking Justin's slip of the tongue, Rob Ford's slip of the mind and Harper's slip of the EVERYTHING. Plus Christy Clark's Enbridge connections and the PQ teaches us why you shouldn't selfie at a polling station with campaign literature in your hand. Then we focus our gaze to our southern neighbour as we run down the latest blow to democracy via the Supreme Court, a new report shows the CIA was overexaggerating the success of torture during the Bush years (try to look shocked),  NFL Cheerleaders aren't workers but "seasonal amusement" because minimum wage is for mascots only (we're not making this up). And our d-bag of the week is just plain angering. We'll explain why Rick Mercer's "online voting" rant just won't happen and a whole lot more. Truth Mashup Radio starts now!

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Mar 27, 2014

92: It’s Just One Big Circle Smirk


We finish watching Rob Ford's first debate of 2014 and go directly to air. Probably not the best idea, but hear us rant on everything from lack of leadership on the left, to why the media proclaiming a victory for Ford, is basically throwing in the towel on a real democracy. Then we turn our thoughts to dead money, yes "dead money". The next time you hear corporations cry out for corporate tax cuts there are some stats you should know about. Did you think Brad Butt was the only one who could make something up about the Fair Elections Act? Well he wasn't, we have two new hilarious contenders for funniest defence of the Fair Elections Act. Pauline Marois' election from hell, how separation talks have derailed the PQ's spring cleaning, plus how much did her husbands alleged scandal factor into the election call? Smear or Serious? We'll run it all down. Plus Snowden, Obama and the all the new NSA? Somehow we're not sure we're buying it. And Jian Ghomeshi does a segment on rape culture and gives us another in a long line of 2014 circle smirk segments. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Radio.

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Mar 20, 2014

91: That 70’s Show?


This week on the show we talk the latest on the Rob Ford scandal, the departure of Jim Flaherty and the rise of Joe Oliver? He didn't believe in science, so let's hope he believes in math.
Recently we told you about the Truth Mashup Daily our new blog site to give you a bit more on the issues we talk about each week. Well, soon we'll be posting daily, so our new editor Meagan dropped by to join the panel this week. If you thought we hired someone who will just agree with us, think again. Take a listen as we discuss the problems of panel talk shows and Canada's boring pundit culture. Is there any truth in what Steve Paikin has to say about the Agenda's lack of female guests? This is one Truth Mashup episode without agreement.

Remember if you want a chance to be on the show or give a response to this or any episode - head over to truthmashup.com and contact us! 

Thanks for Listening!

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Mar 13, 2014

90: Gen Y Vs. The Myth of Democracy


This week we're talking Rob Ford rivals, Olivia Chow enters the race - so what does it all mean? We'll give our thoughts and talk about the 18 year old candidate that has Dan thinking protest vote. Then the guys take on Sun News mogul PKP and his quest to leave Canada. That means they have to take Ezra too right? We'll talk the Quebec election and whether it's time to answer the federalist batphone. Is it good that Canada has consolidated every show into Hockey Night in Canada? We'll give you our two cents on the Strombo move. And after years of fighting the news Millennial-splaining things, we may have finally hit our breaking point. Why the question is less about why we don't vote, and more about why they don't want us to. Truth Mashup talks GEN Y,  democracy and what the usual suspects always get wrong.

Enjoy the show!

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Mar 6, 2014

89: Jimmy Kimmel’s American Hustle


This week on the show Dan and Vince take on Mayor Rob Ford's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and the political fallout from the trip, plus what comedic journalism can do to help democracy. Then we revisit the "Fair Elections Act", one of the most undemocractic pieces of legislation in recent memory, but does anyone care? Then Canada has always protected had Canadian content laws for entertainment, but you may be surprised to hear the CRTC is going after adult movies now. And since 90's nostalgia is in style, is it possible Quebec could seperate? Marois leads her province into an election, find out what the guys think. All that and Dan renames Producer Vince on this weeks Truth Mashup Radio!


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Feb 27, 2014

88: Follow the Leader…

This week on the show Rob Ford's back in the American news, therefore as Canadians we must talk about it. Speaking of Rob Ford, we'll explain our our first YouTube experiment and what "Rob Ford Journalism" is. Justin Trudeau held a skype call over the weekend and even managed to squeeze in a gaffe on a television show! We talk about the modern Gravy Train politics of Canada, why Stephen Harper, Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau all seem to have the same playbook and why that should worry you. Then we continue our look at the Fair Elections Act. The conservatives want you to remember this bill is about more participation, which is why it may sound odd that they just voted to make sure you don't get a chance to participate in it. Next on the show we take a look at one of the dumbest stories we've ever brought to you, as South Dakota has a complete meltdown over Asians and sex-selective abortion. Not to be outdone, Arizona's newly vetoed anti-gay bill reminds us WWJD? It's just one of those weeks kids.

All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Radio!

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Feb 20, 2014

87: You Won’t Believe…

This week on the show we're mad as hell and we can only tolerate it a bit longer. Our Olympic fever has broken and it's basically just rage at this point From silent athletes, a horsewhipped P*ssy Riot, a timid press and ridiculous selfies with Putin it's time to have a serious talk about the complete human FAIL that is Sochi 2014. Then if social media is Millennial Rock n' Roll, we may just have our Payola scandal. From twitter's war on snark to BuzzFeed and Facebook and their circle jerk of an algorithm, we run down how mainstream internet is just one giant ad agency. Meanwhile in oil news - Keystone XL hits a major snag, while a newly released Harper memo tells the tail of the trains. Also we'll update you on Rex Murphy and CBC's journalistic ethics promise and tell you about the Alberta family taking on Baytex. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Radio!   

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Feb 13, 2014

86: We Aren’t Winter

It's the Olympics kids, soo umm YAY? I guess? We talk the boycott, LGBT issues and Toronto's homophobic mayor. Also on the show we're running down what isn't in Jim Flaherty's budget and why they desperately want a surplus for 2015 (hint: it's an election year). Plus, why income splitting is not only a  Harper gift for the wealthy but a gift to the right wing anti-abortion lobby as well. And finally if you want to run as an independent in Canada, you'll want to listen to our latest segment on the Fair Elections Act. All that and more this week on Truth Mashup Radio!  

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